Hypnosis to by-pass the critical mind

Photo by André Roma on Unsplash

Neuro-marketing confirms this, as decision-making processes are rooted in the cognitive and emotional depths of the individual.

These processes are by definition inaccessible to the consumer’s consciousness, because they are obstructed by the critical mind.

These are the limits of classical qualitative approaches, which consider the consumer as capable of explaining his choices.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool, which then allows to « by-pass the critical mind » and to access these deep motivations, which act the individual.

Hypno-marketing is a new approach, which makes it possible to explore beyond consciousness the behaviors, imaginations, decisions and customer experiences.

But also, in a second step, to stimulate innovation and to multiply the potentialities tenfold.

To be read in Stratégies (In French) → Le marketing s’attaque à l’inconscient des clients